After having berth at different places in Gothenburg since 2002, our current base in Gothenburg is just upstream of the Marieholm bridge in Göta älv. Stationed here are among others Rygene, Hector and Goliath. Some of our most common assignments here are docking in and out of the shipyards, icebreaking and ice rafting on the river, as well as transport by barge in the harbour. Barges are available for contract works and different events etc. A special barge harbour, Pålvirke 4, is located a bit further out in the river, just upstream of the Göta älv bridge. Stationed here are some of our smaller barges in between assignments, and occasionally also external boats and barges.

Sandinge Bogsering & Sjötransport/Pråmkompaniet
c/o Broson
Exportgatan 19-21
422 46 Hisings-Backa

Our Barge Port Pålvirke 4